Sunday, April 11, 2010

Self Portrait No.10

This started out as my last assignment in the watercolor class I talk about. It was all free hand, about 2’X 3’. I love the feel of all the Catholic Icons. There is an innate mystic quality to them. I was reluctant to pattern a self portrait after one though, because some people actually believe the Icon has healing powers. I learned a lot from the project ~ again ~ the teacher was really good at giving away some of his tricks. On the robe he showed me how to take the wet red watercolor, put plastic wrap and dry it with a hair dryer to give the finished piece the look of drapery, very cool! The piece was designed with a blank square in the arms of the subject. I wanted to photo graphic the painting, and then in Photoshop be able to put my favorite album cover there. Why you may ask? Why not I answer?! It’s a piece that lends its self to change, and I like that.

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