Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Angels with Wings on Their Heels

So this marks a return of sorts –

I hit an artistic wall after the playing card project and haven’t felt like doing anything. It is still kind of concerning, because I’m wondering if I’m out of the woods yet. This picture has been a long time coming, probably clear back to March.

Ideas pop into my head and I think, “That would be cool to do” – then I go about my day. This idea kept drawing it’s self over and over though. I ended up in the hospital again sometime in October and the first thing I drew when I got in there was this “Angels with Wings on Their Heels”
  It’s a representation of how quickly some things come and go. I could tell you all the literal things that have come and gone, but it won’t help you enjoy the piece anymore. I rather you just notice she hasn’t got any other wings except the ones on her heels, not your conventional angel! Enjoy!