Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Scary" + "Chickens"

These chicken came years before the "Deadly Sin" chickens. Another class assignment. This one came from putting two random words together, "Scary" + "Chickens". Fun! If you like this, I have storyboards for a would be animated short that you might like.

Child's Play

Almost a year ago now, a friend of mine Beth, came to me with this children’s book based on some experiences she had when she was a kid. To hear her tell the story, I thought “How can I not do this?” The plans were set, ideas where talked about, ever some would be layouts were sketched out, unfortunately, just as John Lennon said “Life is what happens when we are busy making other plans”. I moved to Boise to be with the kids, and Beth’s emails started became further and further apart. With this blog, if you don’t mind, I am going to work on the children’s book at the same time giving Beth an opportunity to see here vision develop. I have also, as part of one of my last classes before I graduate, incorporated these drawings into some assignments for credit. Pretty cool hu?!

The process is the same. “Hand to pen, pen to ink, water color to paper, and all of in to the computer”

What you see is the first panel; Inks of pages 1 & 2. Then with the second panel; I’ve added the watercolor. She has seen this and asked for changes. Now you see the third panel. Next step is for her to look it over and get back to me. Art is Fun!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Brian Bateman Blend

Preview of the art work. Albums recorded, just needs to be mixed. The photo is one of Brian's Great Grandfather. Quite a character! Every family should have one...every family probably does. I like the feel of old family photos, they have to be cleaned up and scratches remove to get them to look good big.


I'm not one for printmaking when it comes to talent, unless you count wearing concert shirts. The project gets me out of my comfort zone. This will be a five color print when its done. The assignment asks for six completed pieces, which means I'll probably have to make tweleve to get everything lined up. I'll show you one when they're done.

Self Portrait. No.5

Illustration 461
Self Portrait & Bio
February 2, 2011
I have many self portraits lying around the house. One on this blog right now as a matter of fact. I could have used any of them.
But I wanted to create something new.
The portrait is pen and ink and watercolor, my favorite, nothing new there. The step forward is putting the illustration and the bio together as if they were one piece. The image, a mild-mannered man, with rose colored glasses, peaking around this mass of strange words, both looking as if they were put there willy-nilly.
The individual words on their own mean one thing, when teamed together create a new word, teaming with possibilities. The words come together mostly for fun, and not as some deep look into the artist being.
The inspiration was borrowed from something my teacher said in illustration class, a thought from John Lennon, and the chorus from an old Rush song.