Monday, June 30, 2014

Inner Child Selfy ~ Self Portrait No. 16

I may ~ one day ~ put my find art skills to work again and create a proper self-portrait, but until then, I will muck around with that which brings me pleasure~ Batman! I will for always find comfort and solace reaching into my childhood and bring back Batman. If we all stick together I hope you find something good and satisfying in it too :)

Top Five - List No.7 ~ This Is Not The End

It's funny ~ the one thing I didn't want to think about when I was younger, is the thing I can’t stop thinking about now that I’m older. I was afraid to die. But over the years, as I have mellowed, there is a peace I've never know before. I won’t go into all of it, but picking some of my favorite songs has been kind of a spiritual experience.

As all my favorite songs float around in my head, plucking five out kind of tells a story of how I felt in very important periods of my life. If you want to listen to them, I have given you the album titles.

Here are the top five songs I want you to play at my funeral!

No.5  Comes A Time [ Neil Young ] (1979, Live Rust)

No.4  All Things Must Pass [George Harrison] (1995, Beatles Anthology Vol. 3)

No.3  Do You Wanna Dance [ The Beach Boys ] (2005, Sounds of Summer)

No.2  Pennies From Heaven [Bing Crosby] (1999, Millennium Collection )

No.1  Crackerbox Palace [George Harrison] (1976, Thirty Three & 1/3)
Honorable mention goes too ~ Rock and Roll All Nite [Kiss] (1976, Kiss Alive!)

So ~ I got married

It lasted 59 days ~ not one of my finer moments!

But really, I think I'll take a Mulligan on this one, while trying not to let this grind me down to a complete stop. As for the picture, it's just a journal entry now. This was all part of a plan I had to take her to the zoo here in Boise ~ and in front of the penguin tanks give her a pebble (heart shaped) like penguins do ~ but even that blew up in my face.

You know ~ I wanted the picture to be something she would keep on her wall forever. Now it's nothing I'd even print or show. (Nice colors though:)