Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Coming Sooner or Later

I’ve always wanted an English bulldog ~ ALWAYS! Daisy will be three years old on the 25th. I got her as an early graduation gift when she was just a pup. We came down to California in September of 2008, and since Dad passed this last August, it has just been the two of us. It’s a joke to tell people she talks to me, [in a non ~ Son of Sam way], sometimes they don’t get the joke! After one too many of those reactions, I decided I should find a better place to put this energy. The comic is going to be that place, and a new exercise in the creative process. I will be putting it together more than free handing it like traditional comic strips. It’s already become more than I imagined, things that worked out well, and things that blew up in my face. I’m still working on the first piece, because it’s taking longer than I thought. So here’s the title panel, and I’ll just say “Keep looking for it, and trust me. You won’t be able to miss it.”

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