Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Georgia Fairy Princess

Tomorrow is Georgia’s birthday! I like making birthday cards, more than I like buying them, and this is hers this year. The image is a borrowed piece from another project. In both instances, it’s still Georgia, my fairy princess. Barely touching the ground, she’s almost floating away. Her snow globe is her only anchor! This pen and ink is taken from the original sketch. Some lines can not be improved a pond, and I didn’t want this one to get away. This rough draft of Georgia is part of a long precession, made up of her brothers and her Dad. In the picture, it’s noticeable that she is the only one that is free of earthly care, and quite ready to be airborne at a moments notice. The rest of the caravan, however, has heavy coats, and heavy objects that keep them earthbound. It’s a great idea. Everyone, eventually, floats and flies, and looses their cares. ~ Happy Birthday Georgia!

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