Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Was Dating This One Girl

I was dating this one girl ~ beautiful! I walked out to my truck one night. There was a Mercer Mayer book tucked under the windshield wiper blade. If you asked me which one now I couldn't tell you.  ~ Oh, I could narrow it down. The one that was mine was signed "I love you! ~ Jen"

Sucker punched with a children's book!

However did she find that weakness? It was all over from there ~ All of our kids grew up on Mercer Mayer. I've given you a few covers to peruse. If you want me to wax all philosophical and stuff, I won't. He is sweet and simple and to the point. Just as it should be sometimes. I will say my favorite cover is "Just Lost!"~ Maybe you can relate.

This was the book title; just in case you were still wondering!

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