Saturday, July 17, 2010

High Watermark

This marks my fiftieth post! I’m pleasantly surprised. I had a class at BSU that required me to blog regularly. It was very unnerving. I can speak in public without a moments notice; but ask me to put those same thoughts on paper, not only will it cause me to go into a complete tail spin, you will not see your paper for weeks. I’ve over come a great deal of that anxiety with this project, and accomplished creating a forum for my thoughts and art work. ~ So cool, here's to another fifty! Thanks for your support. I've posted a new blog header; among other things, Georgia's picture has got some bling!


  1. Congrats on turning 50! Man, that was fast. Keep it up!

    Some thoughts on the new banner:
    1. Very cool job on the ART lettering. I like it!
    2. I also really like the 3D bevel on your name. But then, you know how much I like 3D these days!
    3. Mixed feelings about the frame on Georgia. A) For one thing, it's not at all the kind of frame you'd find on a watercolor. Looks a bit gaudy.
    B) I liked the red string much better, as it balanced nicely the red R (today's letter, brought to you by GeoRgia).
    C) Bring the reflection back! Again, it provides a nice depth that's lacking otherwise. Also, if you could make it horizontal, as if reflecting on a polished tabletop, that would be even better.
    D) Make her picture a bit bigger, as she looks kind of lost inside that big frame.

    Just some ideas!

  2. looks very good, congrats on your 50th post. Keep up the good work.