Thursday, January 27, 2011

...And I’m back!

I’m back in Boise, back with my kids, and back in school. Turns out I wasn’t as far from getting a Bachelors in Visual Arts as I thought. If all goes well I’ll walk in May. Wish me luck.

The next three months will see me heading straight for one of the biggest artistic pushes of my life, and of course I’ll blog it. Because this is my last semester, my classes are going to be vehicles for this push. My illustration class contract has already been set up to accommodate Beth’s “Redwood” children's book. The Brian Bateman Blend first album is mostly recorded, and it’s album cover artwork is in process. And finally, April may be the month I see some of my art work shown in a gallery for the first time – in Portland no less.

Some of you were asking how Daisy is doing. She had a great time riding up here, likes her new home, and likes having her kids closer. Daisy is the subject of my Printmaking class first assignment. My group liked one of my drawings of her, so she is about to get screen printed!


  1. Yippee for heading back to school. That is fabulous news! Good luck with everything.