Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Say Cheese!

Art, in any form, is just a snapshot in time. It's but a brief layover for the artist as well as the viewer on their way to something bigger and brighter.

The Life magazine cover by Alfred Eisenstaedt of the sailor and the nurse kissing is iconic now. But he was just there at the right time. Did you know U.S. Navy photo journalist Victor Jorgensen captured another view of the very same scene? Each picture is taken at the same moment, but each still tells a different story.

I have a picture of me taken not too long ago. I was down in Joshua Tree, CA, visiting my friend Elena. She’s a very talented and accomplished photographer. You need to go see her work [].

The photograph is one she took of me in front of the hotel room where Gram Parsons died. ~ Creepy, I know, but it’s my hobby, [I have a picture of me with my oldest son at Jimi Hendrix grave]

I’m using the picture in front of the hotel door for my profile picture because Elena took it, and it represents a fleeting moment in my life were, a least in my head, I was in a very relaxed state. It’s nice to look at that picture, and think of that day and remember that feeling.

Elena said later, "It was truly your Jim Morrison moment."

"In this moment you were completely mentally and energetically free." She continued, "...and very much in touch with your mystical source, which enhanced your masculinity in an expression of presence and completeness. Notice the locked hands: strength and solidity, held close to your body center so it is not aggressive but more spiritual like a monk. The 8 at the door also signifies infinity. The doorway itself is a metaphor for your relationship to the unknown. The dark glasses are a paradox, they hide your eyes allowing you to see but remain unseen, though your gaze at the camera is penetrating."

Thank you Elena. Great insight.

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