Sunday, February 26, 2012

Life Drawing

Here‘s how one of my days went recently. A young lady at work; mother of three, in her thirties, and has the most beautiful hair I have ever seen.  I make excuses to go up to her register just to look at her. Those of you that know me, can you see me doing this?

...of course you can!

She's cool, and doesn’t even call the cops. One time I came clean with my desires. I just blurted out, “You need to let me draw your hair!” ~ I was actually surprised when she said yes, and floored when she offered to be my life drawing model.

I started thinking I better step up my game, or she’ll think I’m a hack. And of course I’m far from that. Still, I wanted to do a good job. All the while inside my sixteen year old self is hi-fiving everybody in sight! She was nervous but excited to do something new. She had lost weight, and found a surge of self-confidence.  She did great. And why not? She really is beautiful head to toe…inside and out.  

I had a great time too. I love my job!

I love drawing the human body, there is nothing like it. The way the light falls on skin, and muscle falls on bone. Nobody is the same.  We talked while I drew her; I told her what I was looking at; what I liked and why. It probably was a good thing for her to go through. I know how much the female body changes after a bunch of kids go through it.  It was good for me too; strengthen my confidence.

Because of time restraints, I basically had two pieces. I sat on them ‘cause I didn’t want to screw them up. I found out a long-long time ago not to force the art. It  will take care of itself, and it did today.  I’m still surprised at how I pull this stuff out of my head. What you see is the work in progress. It will be a 11” X 17” poster when it’s finished. Because it’s kind of a playing card design, I’ve given you a flipped version so none of you will have to do a hand stand in front of your monitors! I’m happy with it so far. Updates tomorrow.

2/27/12 ~ So it's tomorrow. Turns out I was closer to being done than I thought! Keeping it simple. Keeping it clean. Whatever that means. Our fearless model suggested our final design's orientation (which figure is where ~ comes in handy when they get signed)

 3/9/12 ~ I'm here looking over some of my art pieces, and found the original scans of this project. Once again I'm taken back by the beauty of watercolor and ink on the right paper..

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