Saturday, February 4, 2012

Art As Therapy (Part 2)

I've talked a lot about color, line, and how my mood had a part in the last self-portrait. So now we need to talk about the creative process itself. I realized something the other day about my art, and life in general; Try this with me.

Look at something ~anything, a horse, a house, a word~ anything. Hold it in your head. Now try to draw it. Hard as I’ve tried, from conception to delivery, I lose a lot (sometimes all). I do realize that sometimes it turns out better than the picture I had in my mind, because of the variations.  I did one for you just so you can see what I mean. The top one  is what I saw in my head. The other is my translation. Far from a perfect rendering, but it has more of my own voice. This one is ready for a card to someone I love.

My point is ~ we have an idea in our head whether it’s a horse, a house or how we treat each other, and it rarely turns out how we think it will. Here is the art as therapy part; by embracing the good parts of  your art piece or life and holding on to them, we can begin to see the perfection in the imperfections...

...or something like that.

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