Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Can we do it? Yes we can!

I came to Brian with an idea some time ago, “I want to draw a piece with you and your guitar in the middle of a circle of nymphs! ‘Good’ he said, not even batting an eye. Wait I’m not finished ~ I want them all to be Rubenesque! ‘Even better’, he said and then he smiled”

I posted last month that I wanted to concentrate on poster size art. This idea would fit in well with that, but as things go, my muse had other plans. I still owe Brian the circle of nymphs; fortunately they found their way into his coffee cups. The coffee can design would feature one of the girls prominently on it, after we put a wedding dress on her.

The coffee can is Brian's baby; he knew 90% of what he wanted when he brought it to me. The other 10% was a series of fortunate events. This design is the visual center piece for promotional posters and t shirts.

Thanks for all your input on this Scot.

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  1. Turned out nice. Well done. And I still like the colorful roses best.