Thursday, June 3, 2010

Top Five - List No. 4 ~ Fav Album Covers

With all this reminiscing about album covers; I can’t help but post another Top five list of my favorite album art. Thinking about what gets the art in the list I think it’s as much about the spirit of the piece as it is the technique. I’m glad the memory of the Snow White album came up, because it has the essentials elements of great album art. It begins by pulling you in, you pick that one out of all the others, and you hold it and study it, and finally, weather you buy it or not, it has made a lasting impression. Here are my top five picks for favorite album art. Sorry each has its own story, so it’s going to have to do giving you the record store I associate with it.

No. 5 Love Gun ~ Kiss ~ Sears [Barstow, Ca]
No. 4 Sgt. Peppers ~ The Beatles ~ Barstow Music [Barstow, Ca]
No. 3 Physical Graffiti ~ Led Zeppelin ~ Barstow Music [Ca]
No. 2 Evolution ~ Journey ~ City One Stop [Los Angeles, Ca]
No. 1 Yessongs ~ Yes ~ The Record Exchange [Boise, Id]


  1. Led Zeppelin gets two picks over Sgt. Peppers? Really? And you have to admit that Dark Side is probably the most iconic record cover ever. People who don't even know who Pink Floyd are know that album cover. I also have to put a vote in for Aqualung. Anyway, I'll give you Yessongs for sure.

  2. I forgot about those, but that's all I'm going to say. Because a guy who troughs a Snow White album next to SPLHCB is deficiently left of center :)

  3. I know why you picked Snow White over the rest!