Friday, September 20, 2013

Faith + Hope + Charity

Here is an idea that has been around since 1990. It's been drawn more than once, and until recently, I had lost it and almost had to draw it again. This idea has for some reason stuck with me for all this years. However, I can't take it any further than this. I think the reason I have a soft spot for it is I see the beginnings of my fascination with drawing Big & Beautiful woman.

I had this thought, "What if Faith and Hope and Charity were people?" Maybe it wasn't much of a stretch to make them woman, but then it occurred to me "What if I had a LOT of Faith?" So then things started to take shape that way. Believe it or not my Ex was somewhat of an inspiration for Hope in the middle there. When I met her she was 20 and curvy, and verbose, and an electric young woman. She had this air about her of "anything was possible". I was attracted to her immediately. Now a days she looks like the life has been sucked all out of her. Sad really.

Maybe I'll find that thing this picture is looking for someday, but for now at least it's safe at home.

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