Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year ~ New Leaf!

Happy New Year Everybody! Not to wax too philosophical so soon into the New Year; But I’ve learn with this project, not only thinking “I can do hard things”, and then going after the task. Sometimes, things go beyond hard to “scares the crap out of me” ~ and I still have to go do them anyway!

I’ve always wanted to do holiday windows, but I didn’t know how to get started. I talked to a friend of a friend and he got me started with paints and clean up. The “scares the crap out of me” part was going out and getting business. I have built up this phobia of talking to strangers, but I made myself go talk anyway. I laughed, after talking to the first half a dozen shop owners, I remembered how darn charming I was! The ideas came easy after that. I even sold this original concept to the Fixx's owner.

The photos you see are taken at the Fixx Coffee house here in Boise. The drawings are Christmas gifts for my kids. Some are from the project; some were ideas that didn’t end out on the windows.

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  1. I saw these window paintings downtown this season! very nice work!

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