Sunday, March 28, 2010

Top Five - List No. 1 ~ First List

Judas Priest was taken to court for allegedly putting subliminal messages in their music that lead to two young men killing themselves. The press made a big deal out of it. Well what I wanna know is, where was the press coverage when Air Supply and Dan Fogelberg turned me into a pussy? What with their sad sack songs, "Oh don't leave me. How will I live without you" crap! I'm lucky I made it out of my teens alive.

Here are my top five wussy songs and the girls that go with them.

[in order of how bad the song sucks & how bad she thrashed me] :)

No.5 Babe [Styx] ~ Paulette
No.4 Back to Avalon [Kenny Loggins] ~ Cyndee
No.3 Runaway [Jefferson Starship] ~ Lori
No.2 Give Me Some Time [Dan Fogelberg] ~ Denise
No.1 I’m All Out of Love [Air Supply] ~ Tammy

Notice no one ever dumped me to Rush, no surprise there!

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