Thursday, March 18, 2010

First Post

I went to the store for a few things tonight, among other things, I bought a loaf of that super duper whole wheat bread, a block of sharp cheddar cheese, and Gulden’s mustard. The mustard is what tipped me off. I had bought, right down to mustard, grilled cheese sandwiches the way my Dad made them. He’s the only guy that I knew that ever put spicy brown mustard on his grilled cheese sandwiches. As I looked in my shopping cart, I got the first hint of peace I have been waiting for since he died in August. Everyone has their thoughts about where we go when we die. I have quietly been beside myself for six months. Tonight at the grocery store I got the distinct feeling my Dad got to wherever he was going safely. And he wanted to tell me in away I wouldn’t mistake it for anything else. Grilled cheese sandwiches with mustard.

First post tonight: It’s my plan to talk about art mostly, but obviously, it can be about anything. For sure, you will see the art projects I’ve worked on, and will be working on.


  1. I love you being yourself and telling your story and the heading Graphic is Delicious and I bet the sandwich was too!!

  2. Nice first post. Oddly enough, I've put Gulden's on my toasted cheese for as long as I can remember (mild cheddar, though, and I like them on rye). Catchy banner.

  3. Very nice post, I was taken right in felt like I was walking beside you at the store.

    Jam on my grilled cheese...