Monday, January 6, 2014

An Introduction To The Art of David Street

Wasn’t much of a reader until I got into my twenties; I still don’t read for enjoyment. I was held back in second grade, because my ability to read was so below par. They put me in glasses to see if that would help, but in the end, it was just to many blows to the head as a little kid coming back to haunt me.

My spelling and grammar are embarrassing; I don’t hand write very much these days. I’ve become so dependent on spell check. I believe in a God with a wicked sense of humor, why else would He give me such a wonderful gift to visualize worlds without end, and not to be able to see the difference between the words “Horse” and “House” ~ or ~ “Country” and “County” ?

But I’m not mad.

There are so many people in my circle of friends that don't have these problems, and they keep an eye on me so that I don't get out of control. There was this one time when I was fifteen, I was ask to make the signs for a church car wash. I had about a half a dozen finished, as I was handing them out. My friend said, “You spelt something wrong!” ~ I was sure I had doubled checked everything ~ “You spelt wash wrong” he said. “No I didn’t!” I replied with little bit of a pissy tone.

There is something you need to know; my family talk’s funny. We have our own way about us. Like saying “flea-bargain” instead of plea-bargain, or “kennigarden” instead on kindergarten. I had No idea for many years. So when I was called on my poster I said “What?” ~ Car WARSH ~ C~A~R~W~A~R~S~H” ~ He just looked at me. I redid the posters without another word.

So here I am at fifty one with a wild hair to do a book about my art work.

I have a title “Hi! My name is David Street ~ what’s your name? ~ you gotta a dog?!” The title is on loan from my number three son, Harrison. He was about four, and he would go up to complete strangers, shake their hand, and introduce himself  “Hi! My name is Harrison Street ~ what’s your name? ~ you gotta a dog?! It was so cool to watch him move so effortlessly in this world! He’s almost eighteen and he’s still doing it. I love it! What a great example he is to me.

The stories and art are mostly from the blog. In fact, I have a favor. Will you tell me some of your favorites? I would like to make sure those get in. Thank you. Have a good night.

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