Monday, November 4, 2013

"Kathrine the Great"

This is the Batman costume my sister bought for me! I love the internet.
"Kathrine the Great"  ~ 2014

This is one of my favorite stories: I was four if I remember right. It has been over forty five years now; funny how something’s just stick with you. I was four and my sister Kathy was sixteen. When she was at school I would sneak into her bed room and steal the black leotards off this big doll she owned. I would then put them on with my “tighty whiteys” on the outside. After all, Batman wore his underwear on the outside didn’t he?! ~

I was happy to play that way all day, leotards, underwear on the outside, bath towel around my neck, and white hi-top tennis shoes, or at least till she got home! As I look back on it, why didn’t someone get me my own pair of tights? I remember Kathy getting mad at me, probably yelling and getting my Mom involved. Hey! That’s right, where was my Mom when I was getting into my sister’s room?! I remember one time; I was climbing up on one of my sister’s doll’s baby hi-chairs to turn on the lights and taking a header. That was probably the last time I tried that.  I ended up with a big goose egg on head that time.

To my sister’s credit she bought me a Batman helmet and cape for Christmas thinking it would keep her dolly’s nickers on! Can you imagine her frustration the first time she came home from school and there I was in the front yard with my Christmas present and her doll’s tights on! 

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